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v_riley Posted 2 years 7 months ago
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Just click on “create an account” above and you can get started! You can upload a profile picture and a background picture on your profile page to personalize your page.

To see what survivors are talking about in our forum, click the "chat choices" tab in the purple menu bar. You can chime in on current topics or start your own thread. Be sure to peek into our Chat Guides chat choice and ask our experts questions!

To find other survivors like you to talk to privately, you can click the "my sisters" tab in the purple bar, then click "find sisters" and search by various categories (like location and cancer type) or just browse all members. Or, click their name from a forum post and it will take you right to their profile page. You can post a conversation on their wall or send a private message. You can "friend" other survivors so they're easy to find in future!

Find Your Big Sis and friend her, she's your link to HQ if you have any questions or thoughts to share.

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