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PinkLink Connect Breast Cancer Resources

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Our Mission

Pink Link is a support service of Here for the Girls, Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit with the mission to improve the lives of young women affected by breast cancer. With 24/7 access to this online support community, you can join us in living life with an exclamation point (!) instead of a period.

About Us

Here for the Girls, Inc. (H4TG) is a not-for-profit improving the lives of young women affected by breast cancer through support that's not-your-typical - it's transformational!

Breast cancer has a significantly greater impact on quality of life for young women. Our unique brand of support improves the quality of life of the young women we serve by helping them move away from fear and uncertainty towards feeling confident, energized, and hopeful while helping them deal with the realities of the disease. We do this by nurturing a positive outlook, providing in-depth, not-your-typical support, and healing mind, body, and spirit - to help them live life with an exclamation point (!) instead of a period.

Beyond our in-person and virtual support programs, we embrace our young women and welcome them into the H4TG family. As in any family, sometimes our members need a phone call, an in-person hug outside a scheduled meeting, a visit, or extra information to help with day-to-day life. Together, our family mourns lost "sisters" and celebrates successes; we spread love and grow. Whatever support we can offer, we will, if it's within our power. Because that's what families do.

The History of Pink Link

Pink Link was founded by Vicki Tashman in California in 2005 to “harness the power of the Internet to make finding a breast cancer buddy as easy as finding a date online.” VickiTashman

Having just completed her own treatment for breast cancer, she felt the one thing missing during her battle with the disease was a way to find other women with the same type of cancer to answer specific questions and share information and support. Vicki decided to do something about that. She chose to use a relatively new tool at the time, the Internet, to enable women to connect online from the comfort of their own homes.

The result was Pink Link, a free, confidential, searchable database of breast cancer survivors. Women could enter as much detail as they wished about their diagnosis and then search by categories to connect and bond with other women with the same type of breast cancer and treatments, and who may have been feeling the same side effects and processing the same fears.

Pink Link was a trailblazer when she founded it, and Vicki invested the next ten years lovingly overseeing her creation. Ready to pursue another passion, writing children’s books, she graciously gifted Pink Link to Beyond Boobs! in 2015. Eagerly embracing this nationwide online support addition to its community-based, in-person support service, Beyond Boobs! changed the name of its 501(c)(3) to Here for the Girls, Inc. to recognize that together these two support services, with their mission to improve the lives of young women affected by breast cancer, are here for the girls.

A California native, who attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, Tashman lives in LA with her husband and two children. Her paternal grandmother died of breast cancer, and her mother is a survivor.  "Each day is a gift," she says. "I'm not trying to change the world, just make a difference where I can."